Since 1917, the Cribari Family has been recognized as a leader in providing sacramental wine to the Reverend Clergy.  Cribari Quality Reserve Altar Wines, the most widely used sacramental wine in the Southeast United States, are true, liturgically approved sacramental wines which have received continuous ecclesiastical approbation by the Bishops of Fresno, California.  All Cribari sacramental wines are prepared in full accordance with Canon Law and, accordingly, are made with the purest grapes and contain no additives, added sugar, colorings or preservatives.
On a per-liter basis, the Cribari 4-liter jug size (16-liter case) provides the  best overall value among all sacramental wines.

Distributor for Cribari Communion Wines


Medium Dry Wines (12% AbV)
Pale-straw color, light-bodied, dry and tart, delicate bouquet
  Ruby-red, full-bodied and dry
Haut Sauterne
Pale-gold color, delightful and slightly sweet
Vin Rose
Pink, slightly sweet delicate bouquet    
Haut Sauterne and Vin Rose available in both 9-liter (12 x 750ml bottles) and 16-liter (4 x 4-liter jugs) cases; Chablis and Burgundy available in 9-liter cases only
Lightly Sweet Wines (12% AbV)
Light Muscat
Light amber in color, delightful muscat bouquet
White Rosato
Delicate straw color, lightly-sweet
Delicate, pink, not quite as sweet as Light Red
Light Red
Dark pink in color, sweet
(Note:  For comparative purposes, the Cribari Light Red and Rosato 4-liter jug sizes are, by far, the most popular sacramental wines we sell)
All Lightly Sweet wines are available in both 9-liter (12 x 750ml bottles)
and 16-liter (4 x 4-liter jugs) cases
Fortified Wines (18% AbV)
Golden Angelica
Golden color, pleasantly sweet
Ruby-red color, velvety smooth and rich

Red amber color, medium-sweet

All Fortified wines are available in 9-liter (12 x 750ml bottles) cases; Golden Angelica and Port also available in 16-liter (4 x 4-liter jugs) cases


750ml bottle size


4-liter jug size