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Top 10 Incense & Charcoal Values - Guaranteed! 

Compare our prices for incense and charcoal to what you're currently paying, and remember that we keep these items in stock in our warehouse for same-day shipment to you, if needed.  For your incense needs, we recommend Will & Baumer's very popular Pontifical, Frankincense and Myrrh products.  For your charcoal needs, our price for Self-Lite charcoal, box of 100 briquettes, should save you 10%-20% compared to what you're currently paying (see Best Value below).  Save even more - for metro-area deliveries, free delivery if delivered with your altar wine order.



1.  Will & Baumer PontificalTM brand incense - $23.76/1lb carton - Will & Baumer's most popular incense product, and one of the most popular incense products used by the Reverend Clergy across the United States.          


2.  Best Value - Self-LiteTM Charcoal - $19.95/box of 100 briquettes - Easy to light, convenient, and economical.   Each Self-Lite briquette has an effective star-saucer shape which holds three spoonfuls of incense, as required by the Church Rubrics, to ensure every grain of incense is completely burned.


3.  MajestyTM brand Frankincense incense - $18.85/1lb tin - Derived from the sacred Boswellia tree, the rich aroma of frankincense has enriched sacred liturgies since ancient times.  A rich fragrance with slight tones of spice that encourages prayer.

4.  MajestyTM brand Myrrh incense - $18.85/1lb tin - A precious resin sought after from ancient times, and one of the gifts presented in reverence at the Nativity of our Lord.  With rich aromas that enhance spiritual awareness and prayer.  

5.  MajestyTM brand Frankincense & Myrrh incense - $18.85/1lb tin - This traditional blend brings together two of the most favored scents.  Sought after since ancient times, the purifying quality of this blend celebrates the birth and ministry of Jesus Christ. 

6.  MajestyTM brand Celtic Blend incense - $18.85/1lb tin - A beautiful unique blend of incense composed of multi-colored frankincense, myrrh, benzoin resin and lavender.  This colorful recipe is reminiscent of the sacred Gaelic liturgies of ancient times. 


7.  MajestyTM brand Three Kings Blend incense - $18.85/1lb tin- Reminiscent of the gifts of the Magi to the Christ Child, the ancient recipe of frankincense, myrrh and benzoin resin creates an atmosphere of deep meditation, prayer and tranquility.

8.  MajestyTM brand Gloria Church Blend incense - $18.85/1lb tin -A traditional blend of frankincense and dark copal graced with a hint of floral.  Designed to augment and beautify our fellowship with God himself, the sweet, slightly floral aroma symbolizes our prayer rising to God.
9.  Will & Baumer French incense - $18.85/1lb box - Has subtle aroma of cedar.  Packed in a one pound box.


10.  MajestyTM brand incense sampling tins - $2.95/ea - 1.5oz sampling tins include Frankincense, Myrrh, Frankincense & Myrrh, Celtic Blend, Three Kings Blend and Gloria Church Blend incense.